At The Scottish Fine Soaps Company sumptuous ingredients blend with contemporary Scottish style to create bath and beauty collections that will make you look, feel and smell fantastic.

It is a 4 generation family business and 99.5% of the products are manufactured in central Scotland at our own Stirlingshire factory near the Ochil Hills.

The Scottish Fine Soaps collections are based on inspirational ingredients from Scotland and around the world, with unique fragrances and beauty benefits.

Experience the rich range of collections, from the best-selling Au Lait range, made with creamy organic milk, the mineral-rich Sea Kelp collection, the Scottish-inspired men's grooming range in retro or modern style and pamper yourself with the tempting bars of triple milled soap. The ingredients used are from the UK and locally sourced when available, or from sustainable and responsible sources. The continuous improvement of formulations and packaging reflects a constant concern for resources as sustainable and as environmentally friendly as possible, for example 100% recycled and recyclable plastic bottles. And they do NOT test on animals.

Present in over 50 countries, from Australia to America, the brand launches new ranges every year, is constantly looking for ways to source new ingredients, help the environment and offer customers something new! Distribution: Douglas perfumeries, Best Value stores, Carturesti, Boutique D'Emotion, The Barber Shop, Mon Chic Jasmine, Yankeeland, are just some of the stores where customers indulge in the delights of The Scottish Fine Soaps. 



Unique formulations and ethical breath!

POLAAR is a French skin care brand that combines the benefits of polar nature with a unique sensory experience.

 Active ingredients with amazing powers, emotional and innovative textures directly inspired by the Arctic world, addictive, fresh and evanescent fragrances, a unique skin care experience that takes you on a journey through the Far North and reveals your skin's natural beauty.

The treatments are carried out in France and benefit from the excellence of the national know-how in terms of cosmetic expertise. 

Since the beginning, since 2004, Polaar products have been formulated without alcohol, parabens or mineral oils. This industry first is a clear indication of the desire to produce natural beauty recipes. The brand's ethical philosophy takes shape and is continued. In addition to protecting women's skin, Polaar takes inspiration from what nature has made, without ever damaging it. In this sense, the goods are carefully collected by professionals trained in specific harvesting techniques. These local producers are also informed about the management of each scarce resource. The regrowth cycle is sometimes unique, which is why their experience is valuable.

Polaar has also established several relationships with organizations that are close to his issues. It thus won the support of CEDA (Algae Recovery Center) and Scientipole Innovation, the organization responsible for the identification of polar algae and their eco-responsible culture. 


Skinny Tan was created by women, for women.

Made by two moms who are passionate about skin care, in search of products that combine skin care with tanning, that can be applied quickly and that are suitable for even the most hectic lifestyle.

Watched on Dragon's Den (a show similar to Empire of the Lions), with thousands of 5-star reviews, with a community of millions, Skinny Tan becomes the tan loved by women thanks to the ideal texture, without marks and the natural look it offers to everyone date.

Vegan friendly, cruelty-free, products with 99% naturally derived ingredients, offer an impeccably finished tan that is easy for anyone to obtain. We live in the real world, we celebrate diversity and we are proud to be the partners of all women. It doesn't matter your age or if it's your first experience with such products, Skinny Tan is the perfect ally that helps you get the results you're looking for.

Skinny Tan is about self-confidence, it's not about the perfect body.

Skinny Tan attributes its phenomenal success to wonderful customers who have enjoyed their tans and shared their own experience. 





A brand that combines high-performance ingredients, natural extracts and refined perfumes that offer you the experience of a cosmetic cabinet at your home, every day.

Launched in 2012, Super Facialist was developed by a team of passionate and enthusiastic skincare experts with many years of experience in the beauty industry.

Understanding that no two skins are alike, the products have been developed to work in harmony with each other. The range of six regimes, based on modern active ingredients, addresses the different needs of the skin - for hydration, anti-blemish, anti-aging, for firmness, for sensitive skin, for post-menopausal skin. Products from each range can be mixed and matched to create the ideal treatment for your skin.

Understanding the lack of time for monthly facials at the salon, Super Facialist brings this experience to the comfort of your own home. Whether you have 5 minutes or 15 minutes, using a combination of powerful scientific ingredients, natural extracts and refined fragrances, you can enjoy that special skin care experience, every day.

All products are PETA Cruelty Free. Some of these are also Vegan Friendly, find out more through the product pages. 


Originally available in Douglas perfumeries, Super Facialist expanded its range this year at Best Value. It also gained significant growth in the Douglas store network, in addition to increasing sales through online stores dedicated to the sale of cosmetics, gained significant growth in the Douglas store network. The hashtag #BeYourOwnSuperFacialist continues to generate exceptionally strong likes, reviews and endorsements on social media. The brand was also a multiple award winner at the 2020 Beauty Bible Awards.



Fun and care, right in your bathroom!

Dirty Works, a brand born and bred in the UK, has turned play into serious business.

Dirty Works understands that time dedicated to grooming is the pampering time we need to face daily challenges.

Bath and body products, sets are fun, glamorous, with high-quality formulations and incredible fragrances invite you to the ultimate bathroom escapade. Our affordable bath, skincare and gift range includes scrubs ('Foam at Last'), bath tablets ('Cube Tropicana'), bath bombs ('And on That Bombshell'), body butters sumptuous and over 64 other fun, skin-friendly products.

 With effective formulas, enriched with key ingredients, on trend, with fragrances that persist over time, they represent an escape from everyday life. All products are PETA Cruelty Free. Some of them are also Vegan Friendly, learn more through the product pages. 


Dirty Works is available in Douglas perfumeries, in Best Value and Kendra stores in Romania. Of course, fun is an international language, and Dirty Works' fame – and suds – has spread to bathrooms in Dubai, Australia, Ireland, Chile, India, Greece, Latvia, Estonia, the Netherlands and Cyprus. 


Born in Soho. EAST. 1987. Born in 1987, Fish Soho is a high performance professional hair care and styling range direct from Soho, London. Right at the heart of the British style revolution, Fish Soho gives you the freedom to discover your own distinctive/authentic style with confidence. the brand has three main collections. Original, which has products to suit every hair type and style; Super Hold, which offers performance products that won't let you down (or your style!); and Volum - a premium styling range developed with fine hair in mind. 


For impeccably groomed men!

Real Shaving Company, a leading men's grooming brand, has been providing superior shaving and skin care since 1953, helping men look and feel their best.

It all started by working alongside some of the best hairdressers in the UK. We gentlemen trust the man in the barber's apron when it comes to a "proper" shave. So together they developed professional, expertly formulated products for men who want that close shave, from the comfort of their own home.

Manufactured in the heart of Somerset, England, The Real Shave products combine modern quality formulations with decades of specialist shaving experience.

Smart products that follow a simple and effective 3-step system, making it simple to achieve the perfect shaving and skin care routine at home. We also have a wide range of formulations from gels to creams and from normal to sensitive skin, there is something for everyone.

What goes into the products?

Natural and organic ingredients, without those chemicals like parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES).

That's pretty good, isn't it? 


THE SOLUTION brings the star ingredients from the skincare area to the area of body care products.

The Solution uses the power of active ingredients scientifically proven to treat common skin problems. Whether you have dehydrated skin, dull, lack of firmness, with impurities and excess sebum or with signs of aging, The Solution offers effective solutions for healthier skin all over your body!

The body care range is designed to be simple with different formulations - gel, cream and lotion.

The collection features the Clarifying Body Gel, which uses everyone's favorite ingredients like salicylic acid to treat body imperfections and impurities. Three body lotions are added that focus on hydration, radiance and anti-aging, using the famous ingredients hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and retinol. The perfect body cream, created for skin firmness and renewal, formulated with collagen completes the collection.

 The entire range is 100% vegan-friendly and cruelty free, PETA certified.