Wet wipes represent a new idea in advertising, an original combination of freshness, cosmetics, health and cleanliness.

We offer classic customized napkins in all standard and special sizes, printed in several colors, in a number of layers and folding mode chosen by the customer, deliverable anywhere in Romania, with negotiable prices and payment conditions.

Wet wipes individually packed in customized packaging for restaurants, bars, cafes, delivery, fast food, hotels and other fields of activity! 





- Cotton - is a natural product, an ideal advertising support, which expresses the supreme quality

- Viscose - it is soft, does not break easily; this napkin is an alternative for a smaller budget

- Paper - the traditional paper napkin is the cheapest alternative for a profitable advertisement 


Offer your clients moments of relaxation!

Product                          Description

Make-up remover                 Gently and deeply cleanses the skin and eyes

Moisturizers with aloe vera          The natural aloe vera complex is easy to apply, softens the skin, makes it smooth and elastic  

With a relaxing eye mask            Natural plant extracts calm and cool the area around the eyes, having a real relaxing effect

With sun protection lotion          

 A promotional support that comes to welcome the vacation, outdoor activities. For all those who are a little closer to the sun!

With lotion after the beach tanning 


Minimum quantity for customization 5000 pcs

Product size 68 x 140 mm

Product                           Description

For cleaning the nails                They contain care agents, they can also be used for artificial nails.

For cleaning hair dye

After-shave                       The contained ingredients calm the skin after shaving. 

SPECIFICATIONS                  The minimum quantity for personalization is 10,000 pcs. Product size 60 x 93 mm FUNCTIONAL NAPKINS  Napkins with antistatic and disinfectant effect!

Product Description                For technical office cleaning (monitor, keyboard, mobile phone)

Special wipes for cleaning and caring for office equipment with antistatic and disinfectant effect       

For cleaning glasses    

The classic paper glasses napkin that ensures that the lenses are truly clean.

For cleaning the interior of the car.      Does not leave marks, does not stain.

Casino Specially created for casinos, they guarantee you dry palms when the situation becomes tense at the game table.


Minimum quantity for customization 5000 pcs

Product size 68 x 140 mm

SCENTED NAPKINS                     Medicinal plant extracts are a real help every day!

Product Description

Oshibori wellness

It has an oriental texture and is the special napkin for relaxation. It can be used hot or cold after a session of sports, sauna, in spas, before or after a meal, while traveling, in the car. The zipp closure system allows it to be reused in hygienic conditions.

Antistress                           By applying on the forehead, temples, neck induce a state of relaxation and calm.

Easy sleep                           The aroma of the napkin with active ingredients used in traditional oriental medicine make you have a peaceful sleep Against migraine The aromatic oils contained calm the headache.

Against colds                         Aromatic oils unclog the nasal passages and remove the discomfort specific to colds.

Against insects                       The natural active ingredients keep insects away.


SPECIFICATIONS Minimum quantity for customization 5000 pcs

 Product size 68 x 140 mm


Specially created for the promotion of sports clubs, spas, body care salons, they successfully replace the business card!

Product Description          Revitalizing Aromatic ingredients help you move forward.


Muscle relaxation            The cotton napkin in large format is enough for the whole body. For tired feet After a tiring day, it is a pleasure to massage your feet with this foot care


Dry hands                   It is useful when the time comes to shake hands. It's time for tennis, golf..


SPECIFICATIONS                             Minimum quantity for customization 5000 pcs Product size 68 x 140 mm